About the Best Estate Agent Guide

Useful guide for home sellers and landlords

The Best Estate Agent Guide is an independent and credible source of information for home-movers and landlords, compiled by industry experts the Property Academy with the support of the UK’s largest property portal, Rightmove. In this section, you will find out all about the Best Estate Agent Guide, the work conducted and why we did the project.

A huge amount of time and energy has been put into creating this Guide with the aim of creating a new measure of excellence that the industry can aspire to achieve, thus improving standards of service for home-movers

Why Best Estate Agent Guide?

Find out why we made the Best Estate Agent Guide. What made us decide to compare estate agents across the country to establish who the very best in the business are.

How did we make the Best Estate Agent Guide?

Learn more about how we assessed agents to create the Best Estate Agent Guide. Our stringent criteria, how we conducted the surveys, and the involvement of landlord and tenant surveys.

Who is behind the Best Estate Agent Guide?

Learn about the organisations behind the Best Estate Agent Guide including the Property Academy

What do the ratings mean?

Understanding the simple rating system and find out who managed to score highly in our whole of market survey.

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